We bring together diverse leaders, thinkers and doers to make healthcare more equitable for everyone. 


Our Mission

To bring together experts and ideas from all over the world to improve healthcare for everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status, gender, race, ethnicity, or other social determinants.


Defining the problem

Healthcare Inequity

Differences in health outcomes between populations based on one's socioeconomic status, ethnicity, race, gender identification, sexual orientation, age, neighborhood, income, or any other social determinant.

By the numbers


Our Objectives

1. Advocate for vulnerable, at-risk, and underserved patients. 

2. Convene influential leaders, thinkers, and doers to develop collaborative relationships to make healthcare more equitable for all patients.

3. Increase the understanding of the definition, framework, and metrics of health equity.

4. Produce primary, impactful research focused specifically on the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities of health equity.

5. Analyze, identify, and disseminate best practices for reducing healthcare disparities for underserved patient groups.

6. Develop ideas for policymakers aimed at eliminating obstacles to care and reducing health disparities .



Our Impact

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Our Work

We host educational events for global healthcare innovators

We convene diverse viewpoints, from practitioners to policymakers, with a shared passion for creating actionable change.

We conduct high-quality, independent research

We tackle the most pressing issues in healthcare with open-minded inquiry and objective analyses.

We advise leaders and teams

We mentor and guide organizations to solve strategic healthcare and health equity challenges in their industry.


The diversity of experiences within CHI's leadership team is critical to the success of our work. Meet our experts.


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