Dr. James Gillespie, PhD, JD, MPA

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President & Co-Founder

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Dr. James J. Gillespie, PhD, JD, MPA, is a consultant, researcher, and scholar in the application of advanced analytics, business intelligence, and big data to address challenges and opportunities for healthcare, biopharmaceutical, medical, and technology companies. His research has appeared in numerous peer-reviewed academic outlets and top industry/trade journals, and he is the lead author of the book: "Patient-Centric Analytics in Health Care: Driving Value in Clinical Settings and Psychological Practice” published by Lexington Books. With two MD physician colleagues, he is working on a new book: "AI and Machine Learning: Revolutionizing the Future of Healthcare and Medicine." Dr. Gillespie’s research has appeared in Academy of Management Review, American Behavioral Scientist, European Journal of Social Psychology, Federal Reserve Bank, Harvard Business Review, and Strategic Management Journal. His education includes Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management, M.A., Ph.D.; Harvard University School of Law, J.D.; Princeton University Woodrow Wilson School of Public Policy, M.P.A.; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, B.S.; Carnegie Mellon University Heinz School; and Rand Graduate School.