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Healthcare Executive Roundtable: Improving Care for Medicaid Beneficiaries

  • New York, NY United States (map)

Healthcare Executive Roundtable: Improving Care for Medicaid Beneficiaries

Tuesday, April 2, 2019 | 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST
Edelman | 250 Hudson Street | New York, NY 10013

About the roundtable

Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) programs are part of an evolving Medicaid delivery system reform initiative. DSRIP programs provide states with funding that can be used to support healthcare providers - including hospitals, ACOs and Community Partners - to improve how they provide care to Medicaid beneficiaries. The New York DSRIP program was started in 2015 to promote community-level collaborations and focus on system reform with a goal to achieve a 25% reduction in avoidable hospital use over five years.

As U.S. healthcare costs continue to soar, many states are turning to new reform systems to improve overall population health, as well as reduce unnecessary costs and improve overall patient outcomes. Up to $6.42 billion dollars are allocated to this program with payouts based upon achieving predefined results in system transformation, clinical management, and population health. The DSRIP program aims to reduce Medicaid spending and reinvest the savings to transform the state’s health care system, which carries large implications for Medicaid and low-income patients. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 28% of the New York state population is low-income, 24% of the population is on Medicaid or CHIP, and 5 of 9 adults with a disability are covered by Medicaid, as are 52% of children with special needs. New York reports the largest health disparities in African American and black populations as well as those needing cash assistance (a marker of low socioeconomic status) in its annual Health Care Disparities in New York State report. CHI is passionate about discussing DSRIP with providers to help meet our mission of reducing healthcare disparities for the most underserved and vulnerable patient populations.

This executive roundtable convenes approximately 30 senior healthcare executives and key opinion leaders interested in discussing the implementation process, challenges and opportunities of DSRIP.


Why Attend?

LEARN what has been the impact of DSRIP in New York? Any unexpected benefits?

UNDERSTAND what is being measured to track success, including ROI? What has been difficult to baseline or track?

DISCUSS how has DSRIP enabled connectivity amongst the ecosystem, especially with providers of social services?

FOCUS on what facets of DSRIP should be accelerated, and which are trending toward little to no value?

ACQUIRE knowledge on how has local competition impacted the goals of DSRIP?

DISCUSS if DSRIP has had a positive impact on patient engagement or satisfaction?

SHARE knowledge on how New York’s implementation of DSRIP can be used as an example to roll out DSRIP in other states? What were the challenges and benefits, and how can we learn from them for future implementation?

UNDERSTAND What the next generation of DSRIP should look like? 

Distinguished Speakers

Loren Trimble.jpeg

Mr. Loren Trimble, MBA, CPA

Board of Directors at CHI
President, CEO, & Managing Director at AArete

Mr. Loren Trimble, MBA, CPA, is the Founder, CEO, and Managing Director of AArete, a global management consulting firm. His primary focus is setting the strategic direction of the firm and creating and molding AArete’s go to market strategy and execution. In addition to Mr. Trimble’s primary focus, he also plays a significant role in thought leadership for the firm and is at the core of AArete’s Knowledge Management CenterTM. Mr. Trimble lives and breathes every day his passion for excellence with AArete’s personnel and clients. Mr. Trimble has extensive business and operations strategy experience, serving clients globally in the following industries: healthcare- provider, payer and pharmaceutical, as well as higher education, distribution, consumer products, and business services. Specific areas of expertise include strategic cost reduction, revenue optimization, pre- and post-merger valuation and synergy integrations, and advanced data analytics. Before founding AArete, Mr. Trimble was a Managing Director and Strategic Sourcing Practice Lead at Huron Consulting. Before Huron, Mr. Trimble started the Strategic Sourcing services for Arthur Andersen, developing the methodology and refining the approach through numerous client engagements. Mr. Trimble has presented for a number of organizations and authored numerous articles. Mr. Trimble holds a Masters of Business Administration from The University of Chicago and a Bachelor of Accounting from The University of Iowa. Mr. Trimble is a CPA. He is a long term member of Rotary International and the AICPA.

Tom Summerfelt.jpeg

Dr. Tom Summerfelt, PhD

Vice Chair of the Board of Directors at CHI
President, North American at Convergence CT

Dr. Thomas Summerfelt, Ph.D., is the President, North America at Convergence CT, which works collaboratively with health care providers and life science companies to leverage real-world data within their Global Healthcare Data NetworkTM to improve outcomes for stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem, especially patients. Prior to this role, Dr. Summerfelt was the Vice President of Research & Innovation at Advocate Health Care. Dr. Summerfelt earned his Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University and focused his doctoral and post-doctoral training on Health Services Research. He has held faculty appointments at Vanderbilt, Michigan State, and University of Chicago. His scholarly work focuses on effectiveness research, program evaluation, and value-based analysis.





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