Patient Engagement & Healthcare Value

Patient Engagement & Healthcare Value

April 2017  |  White Paper

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“While it is easy to define value using a simple cost -benefit equation, this view is quickly losing traction, as patients and their families need to be at the forefront of any value definition.”



This white paper focuses on examining healthcare value based on the expert insights from the Center for Healthcare Innovation’s Healthcare Executive Roundtable held on October 13th, 2016 in New York City and other key trends and market forces. The roundtable identified specific ways in which healthcare stakeholders can enhance patient engagement, such as building relationships based on mutual trust and open communication with patients. Additionally, this white paper explores how patients can optimize their degree of engaging healthcare professionals. Furthermore, healthcare organizations (HCOs) that partner with patients, leverage existing health technologies, and draw on external experiences will have created an environment that engages the patient to be a good steward in managing their health.

This white paper attempts to:

  • Define core concepts such as value and trust in healthcare
  • Map out the patient engagement value pathway
  • Make recommendations to boost patient engagement in a consumer-driven future

Healthcare is currently facing significant regulatory, structural, legislative, and financial changes, as well as a paradigm shift that is placing the patient at the forefront of the decision-making process. As the healthcare landscape transitions to a more consumer-driven and patient-centric model, organizations must adapt to this changing ecosystem. This white paper aims to not only outline the connection between patient engagement and value, but also to identify actionable strategies which stakeholders can benchmark their organizational alignment.

There are three key strategies providers must utilize to maximize partnerships with patients and their families:

  1. Welcoming patient and caregiver voices

  2. Building relationships of mutual trust

  3. Personalizing value offerings


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To view the full report, please click on the "download" button to receive a full PDF copy. 


Tolga Babur

Senior Analyst at CHI

MHA Student at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health


Joseph Gaspero

CEO & Co-Founder at CHI


Mitchell DeKoven, MHSA

Executive Council Member at CHI 

Principal, Health Economics and Outcomes Research at QuintilesIMS


Richard Goddard

Executive Council Member at CHI

Director, Clinical Innovation at Advocate Health Care


Vera Rulon, MS

Executive Council Member at CHI

Owner & Founder at Tir Health Advisors