Learning Why Coaching & Mentoring are Vital


Learning Why Coaching & Mentoring are Vital

June 15, 2017  |  Best Practice

1. Be Authentic and Honest

Mentors need to be authentic, talk about failures, insecurities, and lessons they wish they had learned. This can help mentees significantly more than only sharing success stories.

2. Explore Diversity “Blind Spots” 

It can sometimes be beneficial to mentees and mentors with different backgrounds, and to either formally or informally explore our diversity “blind spots” and unconscious biases.

3. Reap the Rewards

Good mentoring can be incredibly rewarding to both participants. Proper mentoring will provide a continuous source of new leaders – this is particularly important for women and minorities.

4. Seeking Mentors Outside Immediate Circle

Diverse mentees are encouraged to seek mentors out of their immediate circle of influence or organization. mentors should be someone that mentees admire and aspire to become, as well as someone the mentee can relate with and understand

5. Control Your Destiny

Both mentors and mentees should set clear and ambitious goals, and then work to achieve those goals with courage and persistence.


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Joseph Gaspero

CEO and Co-Founder at CHI

Jenna DiPofi

Senior Analyst at CHI

Fanding Wang

Senior Analyst at CHI



2017 Diversity, Inclusion & Life Sciences Symposium Executive Summary

Joseph Gaspero is the CEO and Co-Founder of CHI. He is a healthcare executive, strategist, and researcher. He co-founded CHI in 2009 to be an independent, objective, and interdisciplinary research and education institute for healthcare. Joseph leads CHI’s research and education initiatives focusing on including patient-driven healthcare, patient engagement, clinical trials, drug pricing, and other pressing healthcare issues. He sets and executes CHI’s strategy, devises marketing tactics, leads fundraising efforts, and manages CHI’s Management team. Joseph is passionate and committed to making healthcare and our world a better place. His leadership stems from a wide array of experiences, including founding and operating several non-profit and for-profit organizations, serving in the U.S. Air Force in support of 2 foreign wars, and deriving expertise from time spent in industries such as healthcare, financial services, and marketing. Joseph’s skills include strategy, management, entrepreneurship, healthcare, clinical trials, diversity & inclusion, life sciences, research, marketing, and finance. He has lived in six countries, traveled to over 30 more, and speaks 3 languages, all which help him view business strategy through the prism of a global, interconnected 21st century. Joseph has a B.S. in Finance from the University of Illinois at Chicago. When he’s not immersed in his work at CHI, he spends his time snowboarding backcountry, skydiving, mountain biking, volunteering, engaging in MMA, and rock climbing.