Understanding Obstacles to Clinical Trials & Healthcare


Understanding Obstacles to Clinical Trials & Healthcare 

June 10, 2015  |  Best Practice

1. Reduce External Barriers

External barriers like complex protocols and mistrust of clinical trials by minority communities lead to underrepresented populations in trials. With these barriers, minorities see no incentive to enroll in clinical trials.

2. Recognize Internal Barriers 

Internal barriers such as implicit biases of physicians, inadequate outreach, and not helping patients continue with the trials are issues that need to be solved within an organization before any meaningful change of minority representation occurs.

3. Implement Incentives to Diversify Clinical Trials 

With no mandates or financial consequences of having a representative sample of minorities in a trial, organizations may not be adequately incentivized to find, recruit, and ensure minorities stay with the trial.

4. Build Trust Between Professionals and Patients 

Building a trusting, comfortable relationship between physicians and patients is key to helping patients understand their importance in a clinical trial. It also allows patients to feel comfortable to ask questions and address issues.

5. Appreciate Minority Inclusion

Leaders in the clinical trial ecosystem and the FDA need to understand the importance of minority inclusion and teach their staff how to be culturally competent.


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Joseph Gaspero

CEO & Co-Founder at CHI

Olivia Fowler

Senior Analyst at CHI

Brandon Bernhardt

Senior Analyst at CHI


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