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Improving Access for LGBT Clinical Trial Initiatives

In early April of 2016, Washington State lawmakers passed a bill to improve health research for individuals of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community. Since the state of Washington has a significant LGBT population (more than 173,000 LGBT individuals in Seattle alone), Washington State lawmakers felt it was time ...
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The Evolving Role of Healthcare Providers

The Evolving Role of Healthcare Providers We are in an age of healthcare consumerism where patients' interests are more vested than ever. It's important for providers to accommodate the power shift. This means increasing transparency, finding new ways to facilitate communication, responding directly to patient concerns and questions when raised, and ...
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The Urgency in Increasing Diversity in Clinical Trials

  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the key regulatory authority in bringing new drugs to the market, must balance between introducing life-saving treatments to people who need them as soon as possible and ensuring that these drugs have been thoroughly tested and are safe for the general population. A drug ...
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3 Ways Robotics are Advancing the Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry

Robots like the healthcare companion Baymax in Disney’s animated film Big Hero 6 are not too far from reality. In fact, the inspiration for the inflated robot physician came from the robotics lab of Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University. As more industries converge with one another, robotics innovations like Baymax are becoming more and ...
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Patient Educational Workshop

“CHI’s Patient-Focused Roundtable was excellent. The quality of the program and the expertise of the other attendees added extreme value to the experience. It was an excellent use of my time.” - Matt Portch, Team Lead Commercial Effectiveness, Pfizer


 2015 Impact Report 

Learn about how we encourage and enable meaningful and executable innovation that aims to address existing and ensuing healthcare dynamics through communication, education, training, symposia, reports, and research.