Why are the health disparities that impact the U.S. health ecosystem?

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How Does Patient Engagement Drive Healthcare Value?

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What are the Challenges of Delivering Healthcare to Underserved Patient Groups?

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Why is it Important to Build a Collaborative Healthcare Ecosystem in Aurora?

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How Does Patient Engagement Drive Healthcare Value?

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What New & Innovative Partnerships Can Impact Health Outcomes?

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What's the Relationship Between the Value & Cost of a Drug as Related to Treatment of a Disease?

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What Role do Patients & Their Families Play in Healthcare Innovation?

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Top-Down Approach as a Solution for Diversity in Healthcare Workforce

Demographics in the United States are rapidly changing. By 2043, the nation will be “majority-minority” according to projections by the U.S. Census Bureau [1]. The nation is already experiencing this shift with minorities accounting for 98% of the population growth in large metropolitan areas [2]. This shift will have significant ...
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New Partnership Could Lead to Disruptive Innovation

This morning, Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JP Morgan Chase announced an ambitious partnership to cut health cuts and improve satisfaction for their U.S. employees. They announced plans to create a company “free from profit-making incentives,” with the goal of implementing technology solutions to simplify the healthcare system. The chief executives ...
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Lack of Diversity Hurts a Company’s Performance

To everyone that has been considering switching between Lyft and Uber, the latest news regarding diversity within these two companies may help users decide. On Jun 1st, Lyft released its first diversity report, which stabilized its top place of diversity in the industry. 42% of Lyft’s workforce identify as female, ...
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Minority Patients Recruitment in Clinical Trials

The FDA has approved 22 new drugs in 2016, and there are 31,468 patients participated in clinical trials in total. We have been encouraging patients to join clinical trials by showing patients the benefits for them and future generations. However, we should also focus on the diversity of patients in ...
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“The symposium was an incredible opportunity to learn best practices from courageous leaders across the healthcare industry on critical issues that impact our everyday workforce. I thoroughly enjoyed the symposium because I was provided with essential tools, resources, and knowledge to advance my personal and professional work around inclusion and diversity. I also deeply appreciated the opportunity to network with others, which has opened new doors to co-create opportunities for community solutions" – Mr. Joe Lee, Workforce Development Strategist, Community Health Center Network

January 17, 2017


2017 Impact Report

Learn about how we encourage and enable meaningful and executable innovation that aims to address existing and ensuing healthcare dynamics through communication, education, training, symposia, reports, and research.