What are the Challenges of Delivering Healthcare to Underserved Patient Groups?

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How Does Patient Engagement Drive Healthcare Value?

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What New & Innovative Partnerships Can Impact Health Outcomes?

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What Role do Patients & Their Families Play in Healthcare Innovation?

Explore our research on how patients & their families can be healthcare innovators


What's the Relationship Between the Value & Cost of a Drug as Related to Treatment of a Disease?

Read our research exploring the relationship between drug costs and value


Why is Diversity in Clinical Trials Important?

Learn about CHI's educational symposium to make clinical trials & healthcare more diverse


How Does Patient Engagement Drive Healthcare Value?

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Increasing Knowledge Understanding

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Sticker Shock: Are Generics the Solution to the Drug Pricing Dilemma?

In recent years, the media has been teeming with grim news about the soaring costs of prescription drugs. Headlines went viral regarding the high price of staying alive with insulins for type I diabetes and the abrupt price increases of life-saving heart medications Isuprel and Nitropress [1,2]. These surges not ...
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Creating Stakeholder Dialogue Around Drug Pricing

The increase in prescription drug pricing and spending has been one of main factors contributing to the high costs of healthcare in the United States. In fact, according to a 2015 report by the National Center for Health Statistics, the national health expenditure for prescription drugs made up 10.1% of ...
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The Shift from Volume-to-Value: Innovating Payment Systems

The U.S. healthcare system has been facing serious issues when it comes to the quality and cost of healthcare today. These issues have called for a shift from the traditional volume-based care to value-based care. One key factor driving this change is the need for patient-centered care for our current ...
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Healthcare Value and Patient Engagement

As of 2015, healthcare spending in the U.S. reached approximately $3.2 trillion dollars, or $10,000 dollars per person. (1.) Despite high amounts of spending, Americans have seen a decline in life expectancy by one-tenth of a year.  (2.) According to a publication in 2013 by The Common Wealth Fund, Americans had ...
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“The symposium was an incredible opportunity to learn best practices from courageous leaders across the healthcare industry on critical issues that impact our everyday workforce. I thoroughly enjoyed the symposium because I was provided with essential tools, resources, and knowledge to advance my personal and professional work around inclusion and diversity. I also deeply appreciated the opportunity to network with others, which has opened new doors to co-create opportunities for community solutions" – Mr. Joe Lee, Workforce Development Strategist, Community Health Center Network

January 17, 2017


2016 Impact Report

Learn about how we encourage and enable meaningful and executable innovation that aims to address existing and ensuing healthcare dynamics through communication, education, training, symposia, reports, and research.