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 Why is diversity in clinical trials important? 

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 What is the relationship between the value and cost of a drug as related to treatment of a disease? 

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The Economist’s Healthcare Forum: War on Cancer

While advances in cancer treatment have come a long way, cancer remains among the leading causes of death worldwide. Though the promise of technology allowing for faster, more precise treatment and more collaborative health care models is inching us closer to victory, scaling the progress made thus far remains a ...
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Improving Healthcare Transparency to Build Trust and Engagement

Throughout the healthcare industry, there is a growing demand for greater transparency. Today’s healthcare consumer is savvy and well-researched, so the days when a doctor, hospital, or pharmacy could dictate medication recommendations and treatment methods and expect a patient to blindly follow advice are mostly over. Patients also have a ...
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Lack of Diversity among Healthcare Providers Impacts Healthcare Disparities

The U.S. faces great changes in the 21st century. High levels of immigration from Asia, Central, and South America have dramatically shifted U.S. demographics. According to the U.S. Census survey, the U.S. may be a majority non-White nation by as early as 2043. By 2060, the relative percentage of non-Hispanic ...
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What Changing U.S. Demographics Mean for Clinical Trials

The Food and Drug Administration has declared a renewed focus for 2016 exploring diversity in clinical trials. [1] Data gathered from FDA shows that there is still a significant lack of patient diversity in clinical trials. “While African-Americans/Blacks represent 12% of the total U.S. population, they comprise just 5% of ...
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“CHI’s Patient-Focused Roundtable was excellent. The quality of the program and the expertise of the other attendees added extreme value to the experience. It was an excellent use of my time.” - Matt Portch, Team Lead Commercial Effectiveness, Pfizer


 2015 Impact Report 

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