This Executive Summary provides an overview of the Patient as an Innovator workshop, an educational forum for patient advocates, providers, biopharma and device manufacturers, and policymakers to dialogue and exchange creative ideas on how to establish earlier intersections to deliver a more informed, value-driven approach to the innovation of new medical technologies.

In today’s healthcare landscape, patients are more informed, empowered, and financially invested in their health and well-being. Technology has also made patients savvier than ever before. Additionally, providers and policymakers are faced with rising costs, increasing demand, and other pressures as the U.S. healthcare ecosystem transitions to a value-based system. Thus, it is critical to engage key stakeholders and incorporate cross-sectoral perspectives earlier in development phases to ensure that innovative products deliver maximum value to the patient and the healthcare system. When stakeholders are aligned on their understanding of value, access to treatment and potential overall cost savings to the healthcare system can be realized.

The workshop featured some of the leading patient advocates, providers, biopharma and device manufacturers, and policymakers gathered to discuss patient-driven healthcare innovation. This executive summary captures some of the actionable insights, ideas, best practices, and new perspectives from the workshop’s distinguished speakers, panelists, and other experts. It is meant to serve as a summary of the innovative ideas and insights regarding patient-driven healthcare innovation. We hope it can be a resource for you and your organization as you think about patient-driven healthcare innovation in the 21st century.


Joseph Gaspero, President, Center for Healthcare Innovation
Michael Martinez, Analyst, Center for Healthcare Innovation

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