This Executive Summary provides an overview of the 4th annual Diversity, Inclusion & Life Sciences Symposium that was held on June 25, 2014 in downtown Chicago, IL.  The Symposium is the world’s #1 annual event focusing on diversity and the life sciences.  It is an interactive and collaborative forum for life science and healthcare executives, entrepreneurs, policymakers, researchers, scientists, technologists, academics, and service providers to discuss best practices, challenges, and opportunities at the crucial interface of diversity and the life science industry.
The Symposium featured some of the world’s leading healthcare, life science, and diversity experts coming together in a collaborative setting to discuss the most pressing diversity issues facing the healthcare and life sciences industries in the 21st century.  Panel discussions included Diversity & Clinical Trials, The View from the Executive Suite, and The Role of Coaching & Mentoring in Executive Success.  The Symposium also featured a Distinguished Keynote Address by Dr. Aida Giachello, Department of Preventive Medicine, Speaker, and Expert on Latino Health at Northwestern University, and a Distinguished Welcoming Address by Ms. Nicole Mowad-Nassar, Vice President of Marketing at Takeda Pharmaceuticals, USA.
This executive summary captures some of the insights, ideas, best practices, and new perspectives from the Symposium’s distinguished speakers, panelists, and other experts.  It is meant to serve as a summary of the innovative ideas and insights regarding diversity and inclusion for healthcare and the life sciences.  We hope it can be a resource for you and your organization as you think about diversity in the 21st century.


Joseph Gaspero, President, Center for Healthcare Innovation
Victoria Gordon, Analyst, Center for Healthcare Innovation
Joel Villegas, CEO, National Hispanic Life Sciences Society


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