The Pharma and ACO Relationship

"Biopharma companies have pivotal importance in reducing ACO costs via their ability to supply the market with medications, medical devices, and innovative medical products."

This white paper will:

  • Summarize the pharma landscape
  • Highlight the impact of ACOs
  • Identify pharma's potential for innovation within the ACO framework

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The Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010 and established several mechanisms to deliver lower cost, more effective care to more American citizens. Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) were founded out of this legislation as a means to provide better coordinated care with a particular focus on preventative treatments. Results since their inception have been mixed with statistics showing both positive and negative outlooks. In this paper, we discuss these results and offer potential enhancements to the framework – namely a renewed focus on patient education and incorporation of technologies by the pharmaceutical industry to better monitor and treat patients.


Joseph Gaspero, CEO, Center for Healthcare Innovation
Ryan Haake, MS, Research Associate, Center for Healthcare Innovation
Ivory Chang, Senior Analyst, Center for Healthcare Innovation