The Patient as an Innovator
Educational Workshop

975 F St NW, Washington, DC 20004, USA

How Can Patient-Focused Thinking Drive Innovation?

Date & Time

2nd Quarter 2017

Please check back for updates on the 2017 workshop

The Patient as an Innovator workshop is an educational forum for providers, patients, pharma, payers, and policymakers to dialogue and exchange creative ideas to establish earlier intersections between these stakeholders in order to deliver a more informed, value-driven approach to the innovation of new medical solutions, technologies, and treatments.

In today’s healthcare landscape, patients are dramatically more informed, empowered, and financially invested in their health and well-being than ever before. Technology has also made today’s patients as savvy and informed as ever. Additionally, providers, payers, and policymakers are faced with rising costs, increasing demand, and other pressures as the U.S. healthcare ecosystem transitions to a value-based system. Thus, it is critical to engage key stakeholders and incorporate their perspectives earlier in development phases in order to ensure that provider organizations deliver healthcare products that are producing maximum value and quality, increasing access, and reducing costs for patients.

The Patient as an Innovator workshop provides shared learning among providers, patients, pharma, payers, and policymakers on how to create earlier collaboration and incorporate all perspectives into medical innovation:

  • Patients/consumers: provide patient insights to a cross-section of industry representatives, develop relationships, share best practices, convey patient definitions of value, share cost and quality concerns, and discuss challenges and ideas within a safe and receptive group
  • Pharma, biotech, and device: Access a virtuous circle of stakeholders in an open and collaborative discussion on how to accelerate access to deserving innovation
  • Payers: Enable understanding of reimbursement decisions for new therapies and technologies, share insights on how to effectively collaborate with patients and manufacturers to ensure timely and affordable access, and inform challenges and ideas for group problem-solving.
  • Policymakers: Share current thinking around policies in development, gain insights and new perspectives from other stakeholders, listen to patient concerns about quality, access, and value, pressure check, launch, or gain support for policy initiatives.


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“CHI’s Patient-Focused Roundtable was excellent. The quality of the program and the expertise of the other attendees added extreme value to the experience. It was an excellent use of my time.” - Matt Portch, Team Lead Commercial Effectiveness, Pfizer

October 20, 2015


Seyfarth Shaw

975 F Street NW, Washington, DC, 20004