Making the World a Healthier Place

CHI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit research and educational institute that helps patients and providers increase their knowledge and understanding of the opportunities and challenges of maximizing healthcare value to improve health and quality of life. We aim to make the world a healthier place.

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Why We Need Your Support

CHI has historically been supported through a myriad of funding sources listed above. However, as we seek to increase our research and education, we need additional funds to further support our programs and initiatives (see below), continue to attract the best human talent and grow our team, and further increase our impact and reach of making the world a healthier place.

How We Will Use Your Support

  1. Training healthcare professionals, patients, patient groups, clinicians, researchers, technologists, and diversity and inclusion advocates on health equity issues, obstacles, and outcomes related to the treatment of diverse patient populations, including racial and ethnic minorities, the LGBT community, women, and individuals of low socioeconomic status (February 2018)
  2. Researching how all healthcare stakeholders can co-design and collaborate as healthcare moves to a value-based system, including the creation of ongoing forums to help disparate sectors work together and optimize communication (March 2018)
  3. Researching health disparities among older adults who have Alzheimer’ s disease and other dementias and specifically exploring widening health disparities and why minority patient groups have limited access to quality of care (April 2018)
  4. Organizing a leading symposium focusing specifically on diversity and inclusion in healthcare and the life sciences and creating a collaborative discussion around how to make clinical trials and healthcare more accessible to minorities, vulnerable populations, and historically underrepresented patient groups (June 2018)
  5. Researching the unique challenges faced by vulnerable patient populations when attempting to acquire adequate health insurance coverage, understanding the obstacles facing uninsured and underinsured patients, and bringing together healthcare experts, patient groups, government officials, and civic leaders to share innovative ideas and insights on healthcare that empower attendees and their organizations to implement positive changes (August 2017)
  6. Researching the strategies, tactics, opportunities, and challenges of making healthcare more diverse, including an exploration of diversity in clinical trials, how diversity and inclusion drive innovation, and how organizations are attracting minority human talent (September 2018)
  7. Bringing together the country’ s leading patient advocates and healthcare executives in a cross-sectoral roundtable discussion on understanding health inequalities and how to reduce barriers to accessing quality healthcare (October 2018)
  8. Researching how patient-centered research and patient engagement are changing the way that research and clinical trials are conducted in the U.S., and analyzing the implications these trends have for patients (December 2018)

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Tax Information

All donations are tax-deductible in the United States in accordance with Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). The Center for Healthcare Innovation (CHI) is organized as a non-profit, charitable corporation, incorporated in the state of Illinois.  Our Federal Tax Identification Number is 27-3041119.  Annual tax receipts are sent to donors within the current year via email by the end of February of each year.

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