The healthcare ecosystem is more complex and interconnected than ever.  Diversity and inclusion are increasingly recognized as key factors that help organizations add value via increased revenues, lowered costs, and gained profits in this competitive ecosystem.  The ability to attract, retain, and effectively leverage diverse talent is a critical factor in achieving success, and the same is true regarding the ability to market and sell to a diverse consumer base.  Effective D&I strategies, while vital from a human resources standpoint, also improve top-line revenue and bottom-line profits.

CHI Consulting focuses exclusively on diversity and inclusion for the healthcare sector.  We offer three related services:

  • Executive briefings on the latest trends in diversity & inclusion (D&I), specifically in healthcare and life sciences, with a particular focus on the relationship to value.  Our expert guidance helps organizations build a culture that attracts the best and brightest people, resulting in a diverse and productive workforce
  • D&I strategic audits/reviews of your organization.  How effective is your organization in leveraging diversity and inclusion to improve the revenue, cost, and profit equation?  We lead focus groups, conduct surveys, and complete one-on-one interviews to develop a detailed view of how different groups within your organization experience D&I.  We report this via business scorecards and a dashboard.
  • Market research – value based.  We conduct research to provide your organization with awareness of industry best practices for implementing D&I initiatives, which allow you to unlock significant business value. Through quantitative and qualitative external research we can help you benchmark and calibrate your internal D&I strategies.

Consulting Team

  • Mr. Joseph Gaspero, CEO & Co-Founder, Center for Healthcare Innovation
  • Ms. Chris Georgas, COO, the Kaleidoscope Group
  • Dr. James Gillespie, PhD, JD, MPA, President & Co-Founder, Center for Healthcare Innovation
  • Doug Harris, CEO, the Kaleidoscope Group
  • Mr. Julius Pryor III, Author and Expert in Innovation, Diversity, & Inclusion